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Environment & Natural Resources

 Jorden Hiser & Joy attorneys have substantial experience in the areas of Clean Air Act regulation and permitting (including Title V, new source review and hazardous air pollutants), Clean Water Act regulation and permitting (including NPDES, storm water and Section 404 permits), aquifer protection and wastewater reuse regulation and permitting, federal and state Superfund and remediation laws, hazardous and solid waste management, asbestos, lead, and PCB regulation, and the defense of federal, state and local environmental enforcement actions. Jorden Hiser & Joy attorneys also provide assistance to clients with facility compliance audits, as well as real estate environmental assessments.


Compliance requires a multi pronged approach.  First, planning.  Second, maintaining.  Third, correcting.  The best method to stay in compliance is good planning and practices from the onset to prevent issues from occurring.  Once a plan is setup, staying in compliance requires participation from all levels of the company, including education and instruction, auditing of on-going practices, and evolving as the company and regulations change.  When an issue does arise, correcting the issue in the most cost effective and responsible method requires expert knowledge of rules and regulations, and attention to detail.  The team at Jorden Hiser & Joy is here to assist with all aspects of compliance


The Air, Water, and Waste experts at Jorden Hiser & Joy can assist with all local, state, and federal permitting. 


While litigation is always the last option, Jorden Hiser & Joy can provide representation before local and state agencies, state court, and federal court.  Our team is licensed to practice in a variety of state and federal courts, and regularly represents clients in agency matters.

Corporate Instruction

The strength of any company is its employees, so it is vital that employees with environmental management responsibilities are up to date with rules and regulations.  The team at Jorden Hiser & Joy can provide specific instruction on regulatory updates, new programs, and areas of concern to help keep your managers and facilities in compliance.

Trade Seminar

The team at Jorden Hiser & Joy has been invited to speak at numerous conferences and trade shows to assist other industry experts further expand and develop environmental programs for their companies.  Eric L. Hiser is nationally recognized as an expert in environmental compliance and can provide seminars tailored to your company.

Business Planning

The most effective strategy in staying compliant with local, state, and national environmental regulations is good planning from the onset.  The team at Jorden Hiser & Joy can assist your company in planning for the future to help maintain workplace compliance and avoid costly mistakes.